i design healthy products.

hello! i’m emelie, a pre-med student turned designer from new york.  i create interfaces that bridge the gap between health and tech.


design backed by a scientific mind.

why choose me?

with my extensive research background 🧪, i bring an empirical perspective to the table

user & market research
dynamically creative
adaptable & flexible
what can i do?

i began my design journey using after effects for skits. since then, i've expanded my arsenal 🔫

adobe ai, ae, ps
and the product?

functionality over aesthetic any day. but, with me you're going to get both 😄

intuitive interfaces
clean design
maintenance? piece of 🍰

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things i think about

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answers for the curious 🤔

why did you switch to design?

i initially applied early decision to brown to take the grade inflation for a t5 med school acceptance. then i realized i don't wanna be in school for another decade. a little personality quiz affirmed my desire for a science x creativity career 😙

what does your design process look like?

as a certified genz-er, i reference a LOT of related apps that i've previously used to get my process started. from there, i love testing different ideas for the product and engaging in feedback loops with my designer friends 🫶

where are you based?

i'm a full-time student at brown so usually providence, ri. however, i frequently visit home in long island, ny and my friends in boston and philly!

will you return to medicine?

i believe healthtech will be the future of humans, so i'm thinking that's where i, and the tech world,  are headed next.

how do you charge for projects?

everything i've done so far has either been 1) my own projects or 2) pro bono work to get my foot in the door. as a design newbie and college student, i'm willing to negotiate prices!

what's your project timeline?

as a full-time student, the breadth of my projects i've completed the breadth of my projects during academic breaks usually spanning 1-3 weeks. but, it ultimately depends on the project.

what do you do for fun?

i play the electric guitar (epiphone les paul), learn languages (spanish, canto, viet), and play league of legends ⚔️

how do i say your name?

i've received many different pronunciations over my 18 years so don't feel weird :) it's basically just "emily win."